Canadian Artists receives helping hand

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Details of Canadian Artists Palliatives released

Artists from Canada will benefit from financial measures to help them through the ongoing Covid 19 crisis by the Federal Government.

According to reports from Canadian Art the guidelines from the Canadian government will follow the recommendations of the Canadian Artists Representation (CAFARC)

Among other points, it states that payments should be made; If an artist was scheduled to give an artist talk, give a workshop, participate on a panel, write text to accompany their work, etc



The new options

While the ongoing pandemic has sent a lot of artists and art establishments scampering, a lot of artists have utilized the opportunity of the manadatory lockdown to take a well deserve break, to not only rest,and recharge their batteries.

According to observation from ongoing activities by, a lot of artists have postponed shows that were caught in the unsavory web, to next year 2021, galleries have resorted to online views of exhibitions, and auctions.

A few galleries have resorted to daring the devil, by continuing to open up shops for shows that have been scheduled, with strict measures put in place for art lovers to observe the mandatory 2 metres spacing, while the ubiquitous face masks has become a permanent feature of our daily dress mode.



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