Thawing the Frozen Epidemic

Chris Edwards-Contributor
The viral infection that has shut down the whole world in the last five months did not spare the art sphere- freezing art establishments for several weeks across the entire globe, and crippling several artists’ schedule in its wake also, leading to a lot of economic woes. In recent days several governments are rushing to re-open perhaps due to the economic woes even though a permanent solution is yet to be found, it looks like we have learned nothing.

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Art galleries and museums are also opening their doors in droves, albeit with caution thrown to the winds, art lovers seem none the wiser even as lots of people have been seen using the ubiquitous face masks to cover the mouth or head. These masks are placed anywhere but the mouth and nose with lots of people defying the directives based on wild assumptions and conspiracy theories.

An influenza ward at a U.S. Army Camp Hospital in France during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918.
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Yossi Millo of New York has announced Alison Rossiter’s solo exhibition, Substance of Density 1918-1948, as part of reopening at the gallery on Monday, June 29th, Bill Lowe also announced Italian artist Fabio Modica’s “The Defeat of Absence”, several other galleries and museums including Louvre in Paris have indicated an interest in opening their doors to a part of an enlarging scape which keeps growing.

Health official Testing for Temperature during the Ebola pandemic in Africa

The nagging question remains whether the time is ripe to defy COVID-19 as a predicted rise of a second wave of epidemic is eminent in several states in the United States of America. Initially, half measures were adopted in the guise of virtual exhibitions and auctions which seems not to appeal to a vast audience

A heavy blow that echoes through the annals of the year 2020 shows no sign of ebbing since June is over. Perhaps the time has come to re-analyze what is left of the year, and plan towards 2021. All response to the pandemic has shown that the new world order may last for years to come.

History is filled with story’s of epidemic that wiped out huge chunk of the populace, changing the course of history, from prehistoric period era till date. The archaeological site “Hamin Mangha” about 5000 years ago is one of the best-preserved prehistoric sites in northeastern China. Study indicates that the epidemic happened quickly enough that there was no time for proper burials.

Humanity has had several occurrence of pandemic ranging from the “Bubonic”, “Black Death” to Spanish Flu and even recently Ebola and Zika has had its fair share of human lives offering and we are still learning.

The time has come to start counting the losses and an acceptance of what it truly is and has become. Perhaps the time has come to embrace the new way of life till a permanent solution is found.


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