“Eni Blackman in European kitchen” spits fire

Emmanuel Eni-is more popularly know in the European art circle as “Eni Blackman in European kitchen”, one of the most outstanding contemporary artists from Africa and the Western world.

Emmanuel Eni

Emmanuel Eni spoke with onefinearts in a no-holds barred interview on his art, beliefs and what drives his mojo. Famous for his fearless, soul-searching, philosophical art. His works have been described as an iconoclast of uncommon proportions. The crystallization of art in its various media, which he espouse as “Contemporary Baroque Art”.

He is an author and performer of Blackman in European kitchen, the creator of the Basic Metric Scale For Art Products in the “Death of the Curator” drama. He has also been credited as the inventor of New Light – Painting Art.

He oozes so much confidence, in his utterances and projections without caring whose ox is gored, and has garnered a lot of accolades over the years.

What has been the driving force in your art?

Professionality, money and fame in that order.

Did the fact that you are black affect your acceptance even though you’re married to a German woman in Germany as a country?

I have been long successful, before I even though of-and became married, The more they discriminate the more I fire them with my works.

What is your message in the face of disease and famine in the world?

Disease and farmine worldwide will remain as long as the west refuse to give back all the so called developing country, that they annexed and occupy since the slavery days. The Western world must work for themselves and find ways to finance their credit, money and tax oriented system, other than continue stealing and coercion from other worlds especially from Africa, caribbean and Latin America.

Can the art institutions be changed by new events especially in the face of “Black Lives Matter” movement in the world?

The art institution will unfortunately not be changed through the events of Black lives matter because of the institutional Racism of the West. The concept of reducing all other art in their origin in order to buttress and submit the superiority of Western Art and culture as against others. As you see from the oppression of negative category placed on other arts, especially Africa art- which ironically is the source of all Art froms which every western Art is primarily from. The change in art institutions can only come in favour of non western originated art through the pioneering of individual prowess in the particular art, and through self promotion and sourcing.

What has been the driving force behind your art?

The driving force in my art is defiance, my calling and of course money and fame.

Eni studied art at Igbobi College in Lagos, from 1982 to 1984. He then studied fine arts at the Polytechnic Auchi, where he earned his Ordinary National Diploma in fine arts. He holds a bachelor’s degree in sculpture from University of Benin, Nigeria.

Eni has exhibited his work at several biennales including Biennale d’art contemporain de Lyon, the Biennale in Dakar (Dak’Art) and documenta 12 in Kassel Germany. He is a speaker at both private and public conferences. His work is known in the Western world, most famously his philosophical art. Eni is the writer and performer of Blackman in European Kitchen, the creator of the “Basic metric scale for art products”, Death of the Curator drama, and the inventor of “light painting art”.

Recently listed in www.Forbes.com, IMDB and Celebtrendsnow as one of the Most popular and “Most succesful Artists 2020”


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