YSMA clocks one

Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Arts Lagos nested in the Pan Atlantic University , scores first on several fronts, It is the first pioneer university art museum in the country, popularly referred to as YSMA. It has one of the most comprehensive and diverse art collections in the country and makes it accessible to all visitors, as it marks its one year anniversary, the time has come to count the blessings and take into consideration the way forward in the era that is bombarded by the unknown, at least the Covid 19 pandemic that is ravaging everywhere has also affected its operation.

Yemis Shyllon Museum of Arts- Pan Atlantic University

YSMA is an institution like no other one, both in scope and content in Nigeria, a country of about two hundred million people and though a relatively new phenomenon in Africa, university art museums have a long history in other parts of the world. In Nigeria several universities and polytechnics have art galleries attached to their art departments, but till now, none of them had promoted a fully-fledged art museum as an independent unit within the university structure, this is one of the reasons YSMA stands out.

Omoba Yemisi Shyllon

Named after Omoba Yemisi Shyllon, who is an avid art collector himself, for his generous and ambitious contribution towards the implementation of the dream called YSMA, for he not only made money available towards the construction of the museum, he also provided over 1,000 art works from his private collections.

According to Wikipedia , University Museums has always been for research  purposes and galleries included curatorial research into, as well as the display of, commemorative, ceremonial, decorative and didactic collections. Museums performed both a leisure and learning function for students, developing their visual literacy, critical thinking, and creative skills. YSMA as an institution, has served as a bridge builder between the Nigerian society and its higher institutions, its also the first of its kind in a society that has lagged behind in terms of developing institutions that kind stand on its own without relying on government funding.

This is wishing YSMA a happy birthday.


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  1. My Oga, Dr , Barrister, Engr, Prince , Omo Oba, etc Yemisi Shyllon, a special breed amongst the descendants of Eve. A seasoned administrator, a rear gem that always makes things happen in the history of humanity. You are welcome Sir! I declare clearly and loudly that you are a rear breed amongst the descendants of Eve. Happy new month in advance sir!

  2. This is great. I am proud to be associated with Engr Yemisi Shyllon, a man of multi-talents, a philanthropist, a visionary intellectual & a builder of pple. I am one of his great beneficiaries. What started like a joke, has manifested into a world class achievement. May d good Lord continue to bless him IJN. AMEN

  3. Congratulations to YSMA on its one year anniversary. Kudos for the initiative and commitment to promote the visual art sector in Nigeria and beyond.

  4. Omoba Yemisi Shyllon is a rare gem ,he established this by donating one of the best Museum to humanity, history will forever remembered you for your exemplary philanthropic gesture.
    I hold you in a very great esteem .

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