ASG’s 360 Degrees of Healing II (Virtual Exhibition) kicks off

Story: Ayodele Ojo

The highly anticipated virtual exhibition “360 Degrees of Healing II” organized by Artfully Spaced Gallery of Los Angeles has begun with a flurry of activities, showcasing works by diverse artist from all over the world including USA, Brazil, Canada and Nigeria , an event that will be remembered for a while as a major art event despite the ongoing pandemic.

The virtual exhibition is already posted on Youtube, the organizers will be posting the second and third clips online in the month of May to showcase more exhibiting artists, the first series is below.

View the Youtube link to the exhibition here:

Leveraging on technology and working on standing protocol, ASG the organizers of the event have planned long to ensure that the twenty two exhibiting artists, (a large number by all standards) have an assurance that their voices are heard loud and clear and the message resounding, concerning healing of the mind and soul, which the event is all about, even if its virtually.

Artist paintings , (left): John Onobrakpeya, Nduka Onyia, far right Ajibade Awoyemi

ASG is a well known spot in the heart of the Windsor Hills and View Park  communities inside the iconic building of 4401 Slauson Ave. for dishing out the best in terms of art, culture and philanthropy and the months of March, May, June and July will be remembered in the annals of history like never before for art lovers and collectors alike.

At the 2020 edition of the exhibition, ASG had artists from Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda, as well as artists right here residing in Oakland, Northern California, and of course Southern California in the cities of Inglewood, Marina Del Rey, and Los Angeles. As far as Philadelphia, and Virginia in the US. This time around, the game has been upped by virtue of the online alternative to actually view the exhibits, with or without Covid, although restrictions are still in place for those that want to view the potpourri of exhibits in person by wearing a mask and social distancing.

Artist: Ayodele Ojo

The exhibition which is composed of paintings and sculptures has sixty three works from twenty two artists on display, and each one is a delight to behold, a reflection of the different creativity of the artists that produced them towards re-interpreting “healing”.

According to ASG,” The world has experienced so much over this past year flowing into 2021. A year ago we never would have dreamed of our reality today“. From all indications, it seems the protocols and the changes are here to stay largely due to the variants of the virus which has eluded a permanent solution as we write.

This 2021 Group Exhibition is dedicated to the gallery’s co-owner, Sibyl Walton’s, beloved brother, Donald Walton Esq. who passed away due illness in 2020, and then this year 2021 the family losses their beloved mother, Evelyn Walton. Both Donald and Mrs. Walton enjoyed the arts and spent precious time at the gallery encouraging Sibyl and the entire gallery family every step of the way.

Photos and video courtesy of Marketing 86-South Photography Lionel Collins and Jeffery Gamble with LOMA Print, Graphic Designer, Ivan Lozano


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