Why you should support my art

Why you should support a living artist rather than a dead one? He/she will be appreciative, will be able to develop and you are helping several families. Please check my works and collect my art https://artsy.net/artist/ayodele-ojo-1/works-for-sale…

I am still growing in my artistic career, every sales matter to me, every one who makes enquiry uplifts my soul, while i understand the sign of the times, I make every effort to put myself forward to do the grind, rain or shine.

I am also supporting other artists through mentorship, gifts and general collaboration, so it helps more than just one artist.

I am willing to accommodate almost every purse, and budget, I will prefer to sell a small piece rather than no sales, I make every effort to push my works to visibility, even without any major arthouse support.

It takes a lot of guts to ask for support without resorting to GoFundMe. I believe in success and hardwork, I don’t cut corners and I am using this opportunity to ask collectors and connoisseurs to give my works a shot.

I am a visual artist, art-writer, and social media and PR specialist.

You can head over to see samples of my works at artsy : https://www.instagram.com/artist_ayodeleojo/

My Twitter is at https://twitter.com/ojoeledoya, my Instagram handle is https://www.instagram.com/artist_ayodeleojo/


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