Gaming the system and other theories

by Chukwuemeka Madunagu.

It is more obvious by now that ‘gaming the system” is allowed in more circles than we care to know. What you see is what you get no longer holds true. In the world of technology, we have been blindsided by too many new developments such as the rise of artificial intelligence, and quantum physics.

ChatGpt and new creation have made us grovel in awe of whatever we are inadvertently made to believe. In fact, many used think that algorithms are to help guide and direct information in a specific non-discriminatory order.

After reading a series of posts and articles concerning Twitter and its multi-billionaire owner Elon Musk from several platforms, George Orwell’s Animal Farm seems like a child’s play and abuse of privileges has come to stay.

Elon met with the engineers because he observed a decreased low count of followers and likes on his tweets in the past couple of weeks. He mentioned to the engineers that he was “only getting tens of thousands of impressions.”

Elon Musk image copyright CNN

It is pertinent to mention that ‘what is good for the goose should also be good for the gander,’ and when Elon mentions democracy and independence of speech on Twitter, he probably is alluding to himself alone in the third person and not others.

Now he has bought Twitter with his money, so he should perhaps be excused on some fronts. But when it’s bearing on a sort of dramatic meltdown whenever he felt everyone is not hearing enough of his tweets, perhaps we should be worried.

In a democratic world, everyone should have a say on all platforms and not because you are rich enough to buy another toy in the name of technology. Eventually, one person shouting from the rooftop will most likely drown everyone else in a bawling over-exertion.

If we all have a team of engineers, who are under threat of losing their jobs in our team perhaps we will all be able to create our different brands of social media platforms too.

It’s time for Elon to vacate the seat at Twitter and go create something else, maybe another toy to make his vision more grandiose and earn another bragging right.

Such infantile behaviour as Elon is putting up will set a precedence that will be difficult to check in the future, neither will it end well when other billionaires start behaving badly in a world full of surprises.

  • Elon Musk has refuted tampering with the algorithm, and blamed the story on a disgruntled former employee of Twitter

Chukwuemeka Madunagu writes for Metrostarng


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